Office from OSB.

Office from OSB.
Office from OSB.

The main feature of the OSS is that it is inexpensive, the cheapest material can be said. It has a water-repellent surface. Due to the pressing of small wood scaffolds with glue. And it is intended for technical installations (where people can work, but not live permanently). Since it has a high level of excretion Formaldehyde.
But for the office, McDonald’s (they also love this material to use in construction) just right.
Office of the OSB-located in Maringá, Brazil.

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The main concept of the architectural firm was to make the office a showcase. What would passers-by be able to contemplate how white collars work. Also in an office area of ​​38 m / sq., Designers designed a podium for a better view. The informal atmosphere was conceived inside and outside the room as a place for People, to work, sit, talk and enjoy its many opportunities. Always be open to people of free thought and flow creativity.

But most of all I was interested in office development, it’s the suspended ceiling itself. Made from OSB.

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