Dacha kitchen of wooden bunks.

Dacha, kitchen, wooden, bunks
Dacha, kitchen, wooden, bunks

Wooden wall paneling is so versatile material.Chto it is not only possible to sheathe steny.A and make simple home mebel.Bez stankov.Imeya special tools on hand all of a hacksaw on a tree, but a drill.

As an example: Eco food to the country.

How to make the kitchen of the lining?

To frame the supporting structure need planed timber with a cross section in an ideal 30/40 or 40 / 40.Kotory easily attach black 0,65 itself cuts through the tree.
In principle, not so difficult any height and width to make and wooden door of vagonki.Kak? Do? See link.
Kitchen countertops certainly possible to do the same from vagonki.No one drawback: lining has a certain profil.I surface is rough, better to buy wooden furniture panel.
Not bad in the kitchen to make the top and an open shelf shelves (no doors) .For various jars and … View details.
A note on the video a couple of cabinets of wooden bunks.